Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is anyone listening?

I found a story on The Auto Prophet's blog and the link above, about the auto industry reveiwing blogs and forums to take the pulse of enthusiasts. Well I would hope they stumble on my humble little blog, at least Ford.

I started this blog for several reasons;

1 to learn more about computers, I've never really been too proficient (have trouble with Excell.)

2 to express my opinion about Ford cars past present and future and show what Ford offers around the world, but not here in the US.

3 to have fun and maybe communicate with other like minded folks.

I have been very fortunate, I've been having fun and I learned so much about what I can do with my computer and about Ford. I am not an expert, just a regular Joe who knows what he'd like to see come into Ford showrooms. I had emailed Ford several times, but it's not easy.
If you go to Ford's website, rather than an e-mail link, they have the "Ask Kate" section. I've asked Kate several questions over the years and nobody from Ford has ever given even the slightest hint that they received the note.

Maybe one day, someone at Ford will read my blog, maybe not, but I'm going to keep on going as long as it's fun.

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