Sunday, May 08, 2005

Galaxy/Fairlane in Motortrend Future Forecast

one of my brothers has said this to me several times and I doubted him, but Motor Trend in it's Future Forecast section of their website says that Ford may be coming out with a replacement for the Crown Vic in 2006. Now every other online source I have checked has nothing on this, but click the link to see for yourself. If anyone can confirm this please let me know. If anyone knows this to be factually wrong, let me know and we can email motortrend.

Now I don't consider Motortrend to be an authority on anything, in fact since the editor took over, they've slipped from my favor. I still prefer AutoWeek and Car&Driver. But MotorTrend is still way better than Automobile and Road&Track. Those two I wouldn't wipe my rear with.


Anonymous said...

i would love to think that Ford is trying to keep this a secret since it looks like GM is having problems with their next rwd platform thit is set to underpin 6 or more new models including the Chevelle name plate.

could the announcment of the lincoln ls going fwd/awd is all smoke and mirros

lord let ford take it's head out of it's rear and come back with real american sedans and wagons like doge ( daimler chrysler) has. bring back the Galaxie

bring me back to the Blue oval

Anonymous said...

2006 is much too soon. But, I have heard that in 2008-ish, there will be a Lincoln version of the 500.