Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ford of South Africa's Siera XR8

Ford Siera XR8, with 5.0 V-8 under hood. These Factory hot rods were built for the South African market and some of them found their way to Australia as well.

Changed components
Radiator grille
Unique F.S.A
Source: Trek Plastics
Front body crossmember
Unique F.S.A
Front & rear suspension crossmember
- " -
Reworked standard component
Rear suspension arms
- " -
Reworked standard component
- " -
Ford U.S. sourced, 302 cid V8. Build code EX-303, as Mustang minus emissions, power steering and airconditioning. Uses unique camshaft, water pump and carburettor (Holley 780 cfm)
Unique F.S.A. European vendor
SERK UK sourced
Radiator support
Unique F.S.A.
Cooling fans
Two Granada, with air conditioner, fans
Exhaust system
- " -
Manufactured by Bosal, including engine manifolds
Clutch cable
- " -
Low friction design, manufactured by Repco
Clutch and transmission
Ford U.S.
Carryover 1984 Mustang. Transmission - Borg Wagner T5G (Ford Part No. E3ZR-7003-CA)
Unique F.S.A
Rear axle (Differential)
- " -
As used in F.S.A. Granada, 3.5:1 ratio, with new rear and uprated side shafts
Axle shafts
- " -
Granada C.V. joints with new shafts
Stub axles - outer
- " -
To suit Sierra hubs and Granada C.V. joints
Brakes - Front
European vendor
AP Racing - Leamington Spa sourced, four pot caliper type
Brakes - Rear
- " -
A Teves Germany-sourced
Alternator and regulator
Ford U.S.
Part No's: Alt E12F-10300-CA, Reg E2PF-10316-BA
Unique F.S.A. European Vendor
Ronal wheels - Germany-sourced, Ford Part No. 84BC-1007-AA

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