Saturday, May 07, 2005

1977-79 T-Birds, often called the Torino birds. This is my favorite T-Bird, I had a 1978.

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Anonymous said...

I the 79 t bird was my first car, gave that car hell and never let me down, 302 motor, then I went to an 83 turbo coupe (my favorite yet-5 spd), then to a 92 5.0 LX Mustang Coupe-sold it 2004 with 67k, then I married a Chevy Girl. Although we have had 2 Taurus' one we traded in with 204k, and the other broad sided with 174k, Im back to ford Products. We currenly own a 94 Ranger 4.0 keeps on going, and an 06 Mazda Tribute S, oh and finally down to one chevy. Although the 2 previous chevys were problematic, the current one we have is okay! Mel(-FORD needs to bring some of the models from overseas and build them here-they would sell!)