Saturday, August 13, 2005

Reader participation part of the month

I've been writing about what I think Ford should do and asking for feedback, but haven't recieved much. So I'm wondering, what may boost response. I've decided to ask some simple questions and see what responses I get from any of my readers. Feel free to comment here or email me at

What is your favorite Ford or partner vehicle(s)?

How many Ford or partner vehicles have you owned over the years ? (list if possible)

What are you looking for in a new Ford or partner vehicle?

Do you think Ford can recover from this downward trend?

Do you have pictures of Ford or partner vehicles that you would like to share with me and my small number of readers?

Do you currently drive a Ford or partner vehicle and if yes, what model ?

All photos can be sent to


Anonymous said...

1. ford mustang , mazda rx8 , fordt GT, Mazda Miata

2. 1975 Ford Elite
1977 Ford LTD
1983 Mazda Rx7
1985 Mazda Rx7
1988 Ford Festiva LX
1991 Ford Crown Vic
2001 Mazda Miata SE BRG 6spd
2002 Mazda Protege'5

currently: Boo Hiss Dodge Magnum RT but Ford had nothing to compete

which brings me to

3. what can Ford do... well to start with stop rebadging Mazda's &
Volvo's , bring me the concepts that you've shown...427, fortynine, Lincol mark X , give me the australian ford RWD platform or better yet give me a rebadged lincoln LS get rid of the leather and wood keep the 50/50 weight distribution. keep the V8 ( give me the 300 Hp 4.6 ) give me some excitment .

Ford has the creative people , they have the know how, it's all about platforms and Ford spent it on the PAG ( jag, volvo, land rover) they left us with outdated focus platforms and mustang & explorer, but what it needs is a Galaxie sedan/wagon with RWD v6/v8 power and edgie designs.

Chrylser takes concepts and produces near perfect productions. why can't Ford. Five hundred is what they wanted an american accord ( boring and souless) the Freestyle gone before it could be missed ( squatty explorer look didn't help) what of the fusion can any body really get all worked up about a rebadged mazda 6 ? what will become of the Crown Vic , not that it could ever get out of that fleet feel. I loved mine but more than once people tryed to flag me down or grabbed for the rear door handle thinking I was a car for Hire. yes I loved cruising up behind people and have them merge right or tap the brakes and check thier speed, but that gets old quick , and was the last time you called your friends to say how cool people thought your cab was ???

Sorry but besides Mustang what is fun at the local Ford Dealer ?

no more svt Contours or Focus , No SHO taurus , no excitment.

The Auto Prophet said...

1. Ford Mustang GT / Mazda 6s / Volvo V70R, SVT Focus

2. Mazda 626, Volvo S70

3. Manual trans, room for 4, good handling, good safety

4. Yes, but it will be painful.

5. Not at the moment

6. Volvo S70

J G Halmayr said...

Ford products I have owned- 1977 Ford Granada
Current Ford Products Owned- 1994 Ford Escort, 1992 Ford Probe
Dream Ford- The GT, of course
Will Ford make it? If they take the lead in design like they used to in the 80's, they'll have a good chance.