Saturday, August 27, 2005

BBC's Top Gear on Discovery Channel, review of Ford GT

I was watching the Discovery Channel on Wednesday night the latest episode of Top Gear and they were reviewing the Ford GT supercar. From the comments by Jerremy Clarkson, it's obvious that this episode is months old. He was obviously gushing over this car and saying how he was due to get his soon.

Now if any of you follow the car blogs, you know that Mr Clarkson received his GT and loved it. You also know that he returned it to Ford after three attempts to get the alarm repaired and that he agonized over the decision.

If I paid $212,000.00 for my dream car and it had problems, I would have made Ford replace the car or repair it. And if I were an autmotive journalist like Mr Clarkson, I would use that to my advantage in pressuring Ford to make things right. So we now know two things, Mr Clarkson is a better man than I and Ford are a bunch of boobs for selling him his dream car and then not caring enough to make it right.

When I get my Mustang, you can be sure that you will hear any complaints right here, if there are any problems.

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