Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I will be out of town for a few days

OK, so I'm taking a vacation, long weekend, and don't anticipate posting from Thursday until Monday or Tuesday. So if you are looking for interesting reads, click on the header to go to my link page and check out the following great blogs;

AutoBlog , several guys, but Randall has always been a great read

The AutoProphet, an industry insider who has intersting posts, sometimes non automotive

CarPundit, a guy from Boston, that is mostly automotive, but always interesting

CarsCarsCars!, I may not always agree with them, but always enjoy their blog.

The AutoMuse, a very interesting Automotive blog, mostly dealing with legislative and insurance issues, but the author gets to review the ocassional car and writes well.

Blue Oval News, the unofficial Ford Employee site, with inside news and great links

TheMustangSource.com, Brad Barnett's site, devoted to everything Mustang with an amazing amount of information on upcoming Mustangs.

Jalopnik, this guys interesting

These are the blogs, I check on a daily basis, and are very often inspirations for my own postings. And if you don't feel like reading those blogs, then may I suggest you go to Blogger and start your own. Then let me know so I can read it daily also.

See you all next week,

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