Tuesday, August 02, 2005

First "Family Plan" and now "True Blue Pricing"

OK, so first it was the "Family Plan" Ford's version of Employee Discounts ala GM and now they announce "True Blue Pricing" click the link to BlueOvalNews above.

Is any of this really going to help raise Ford's market share? Or is all this just stealing future sales? The guys at CarsCarsCars! point out that right now the discounts seem to be hurting Used Car sales and possibly resale values.

And with the True Blue Pricing, Ford is "realigning" prices to reflect actual selling price as oposed to MSRP. Ford isn't alone in this GM is doing the same. Can "no haggle" pricing be far off? The big three aren't the only ones who haggle on price, my honey just bought a Honda(I know it's ot a Ford, but it's not mine, so don't give me grief) and they were squirming at the dealer offering discounts to move cars.

I don't claim to know what the answer is, but my opinion is this, build more intersting cars with better perception of quality and they will sell. The Fusion/Milan/Zephyr will be big indicators of Ford's ability to get out of this tailspin.

UPDATE: a reader points to a link in their comment. To make it easier for others to see that page, I will post a link above in new topic.

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Dotty Gale said...


Consumer Reports picked six 'values' out of the big three Employee Pricing promotionals. They didn't pick a Ford though.