Sunday, August 14, 2005

Piston Slap and flying spark plugs

Recently I stumbled across a couple of articles on BlueOvalNews and AutoBlog concerning two issues; Piston Slap and spark plugs blowing out of heads on Ford and other maker's full size trucks.

I will post links to the relevant articles and websites here;

Now if you've returned from reading those articles, I'll have my say.

This is just unbelievable. The Big Three rely heavily on full size truck sales, especially Ford. The thought that they could release vehicles with defects like these is absolutley scary. The Piston Slap usually shows up in the first 20,000 miles of operation and should be covered by the 3 year/36,000 mile basic warranty. But the spark plugs shooting out of your Ford V-8 can wait until the 50,000 mile mark, after the basic warranty is up.

Just to keep their market share in this segment, Ford and GM should replace any motor damaged by either problem for free. Could you imagine being the owner of a late model Ford F-150 and not long after the Piston Slap starts, your spark plug blows out of the head. If it were me, and Ford didn't replace the motor, I would drive to Dearborn and set the truck on fire in their parking lot and call the local TV news to cover it.

If your bread and butter is Full Size trucks, you should do them well. Until I here about Toyota and Nissan having the same problem with their trucks, I'm going to assume Ford and GM (as well as Chrysler) are not doing their job. If I get my Mustang and either of these problems occur, you can be certain that I will be busy posting about it and emailing every auto magazine and website I can.

Come on boys (GM, Ford and Chrysler) get your act together. Hell even Kia is going to be selling trucks in the US soon. Do you see the frieght train bearing down on you yet?

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