Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New special Ranger model for Europe, why not here?

Ask yourself why the Ranger is the best selling truck in it's class in the UK? Could it be that Toyota and Nissan don't sell trucks in the UK? Nope, think again, it's because the Ford Ranger is the best value in it's class.

Take a look at the picture and click the link to see why I've been saying from the begining that the US deserves this version of the Ranger. Ford, are you listening?


Shawn said...

I'm guessing it is not here because it costs GBP 19,100 = USD 34,268.94

I wish they would update the Ranger here...but from what I heard...they're going to let it sit for awhile. Too bad.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, go to a dealer and price a Ford Ranger extended cab 4x4 and then go and price a Nissan Frontier. The price of $34,000 is not so out of reality for a high level of content such as the truck in the picture. And if it is built in existing plants, the price would be slightly lower.

They sell them in Mexico, why not the US and Canada?

Shawn said...

I thought they're around $26K or so? The thing is...For that price, you can get a crew cab Nissan with 265 hp/284 torque. Even the Sportstrac Adrenalin has 210 & 240 respectively. Tacoma has more power too.

I guess I never looked at the small truck market, but I don't think the Ranger nor the Sportstrac can compete with the imports. (Just read an article in Autoblog that says the Ranger outsells the imports).

Now I'm baffled...why?

Shawn said...

Hey, I just did the price search thing on the Ford website...You can get a Ranger FX4 Level II for $20K....that's a good deal!

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, read my most recent post to see why Ranger outsells Nissan Frontier, it's because of fleet sales. As for an FX4 level II for $20K, good luck actually finding one. Go to the dealer lots and you won't find a 4x4 Ranger for less than $22K and if you want an extended cab or carpeting instead of rubber floor mats, add a couple of grand to that. The Wildtrack pictured here has carpeting, power everything, Leather interior and a bunch of extras, such as roof rack, sport/bed bar, grille guard and skid plates. Try and find a Nissan, Ford, Toyota or GM with that level of content and see what you pay.

Shawn said...

Yeah...I guess they nail you with the options. The Ranger FX4 Level II I found is on my local dealers lot. I'm actually really interested now...I'm going to go see it this afternoon after work.

I think it's just one of those things that I had when I was in highschool and haven't thought of until recent articles on Rangers. :o)

Jamie said...

I just spent a week in Honduras and every where I looked I saw 4 door Rangers with power strokes under the hood. Why do we not have this truck here in the states I have no idea. All i can figure is that it would be compitition for the sport trac. But the sport trac is so over priced I would think there would be a good market for this ranger??? But what do I know!