Friday, April 01, 2005

Unique Fords from around the world that could work here

Check out the Global links at and check out some of the great cars Ford offers around the world. One interesting vehicle is the European market Ford Fusion 3. This is a mini MPV, or minivan/wagon. I saw several of these when I was in Ireland last year and was very impressed with the design and fit and finish. This could be brought here to compete with the likes of Scion, Honda, Kia and Hyundai. The Ford 2.0 I4 from the focus would fit and give more than enough power for this versatile little vehicle. How about checking out the South African site and looking at the Ford Bantam, a 1/2 ton pickup based I believe on Fiesta mechanicals, similar trucks are available in the south American and Asian markets. Isn't Scion looking to bring the T2B, a small car based pickup into this market? Check out the Ford of Mexico website and their small SUV, I believe also based on Fiesta mechanicals. My Spanish is very poor, but this car looks like a natural for the entry level market.

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