Friday, April 01, 2005

New Fords from Partner platforms

I've known this for a while, and assume most Ford fans also have, but for the ones that don't of the new Ford Cars that have and are about to come out, many are built from Partner company platforms. For example Mazda's 6 platform is being used for the new Ford Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr and Lincoln Aviator over the next 2 years. Volvo's S-80 and XC-90 platform are the under pinnings of the following, Ford Five Hundred, Ford Freestyle, Mercury Montego and Mercury Meta One.

The Jaguar S class shares it's basic structure with the Late Model Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln LS sport sedan (which will be replaced with a new version based on an AWD chassis, either the Mazda6 or Volvo S-80) and believe it or not, the new Mustang sits a shortened stiffened and much improved version of this chassis as well.

The Jaguar X-Type sits on the European Ford Mondeo chassis with AWD.

Ford has also allowed Volvo to take the SHO V-8 from the mid 1990's and redesign it with Yamaha so that it can achieve 315 hp in the new Volvo XC-90 V-8.

So Ford has the tools in the box if it chooses to use them.

There are 390 hp Jaguars and Range Rovers, and only a 300 hp Mustang. What's wrong with this picture?

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