Monday, April 04, 2005

Lincoln don't loose a great car

The Lincoln LS is a great car, built on the same platform that is under the Jaguar S type and the Ford Thunderbird, with a 3.9 L V-8 and four wheel independent suspension. This car has real potential. How's this for an idea, take the supercharging technology from the Jaguar S type R and put it into the LS. With 390 hp and a little suspension and brake upgrade, just like it's Jaguar cousin, this car could be what all the LSCs could not be, a real autobahn burner.

I've heard that the LS is being changed to an all wheel drive chassis. I don't know if this will be a variant of the new Mazda 6 like the upcoming Zephyr and Aviator or if it will be the Volvo S-80 chassis, like the Five Hundred/Freestyle or Montego/Meta One, but why bother?

Since Lincoln is going to bring out the Zephyr with AWD, why not keep the LS and upgrade it with the proven Jag parts? Don't loose such a great car.

How about a stretched Thunderbird, sold as a Continental convertible? Four seats instead of 2, the bigger powerplant. That would be a great car.

What Ford needs to give Lincoln is a new 4 door Convertible like they had in the 60's.
ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) was working on prototypes of the Chrysler 300.

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