Saturday, April 09, 2005

Horsepower, can there be too much?

There is an interesting article in the most recent AutoWeek magazine, that asks if there is such a thing as too much horsepower. It's the issue with the new Range Rover on the cover, I got it Friday, but it's not on the website yet. Check their site this upcoming week it should be up soon.

They take quotes from executives at Ford, GM, Nissan, Ferari and others and ask the question how much is too much. Some of the responses are predictable, "There is no such thing as too much.."

They list the most powerfull production cars made, and the top that I recall was the Posche Carera GT with 605. So maybe 300 in the new Mustang isn't so bad.


Anonymous said...

First , Dude you rule....awesome blog.

Second, never too much, never enough.........340/390 waiting to breath a little deeper..... is there a turbo/supercharger in my future.... dare I say ...dare... 500hp..mmmmmmmm

Big Ford Fan said...

Thanks for the compliment on the site. 340/390 ? sounds like a certain Magnum driver I know, are you sure the wife will allow you to spend the cash on turbo/supercharger?

Anonymous said...

MAGNUM?!?!?! Who let him on here, this is for FORDS . . . not Mercedes . . I mean Chrysler. Besides there hasn't been a Magnum that could keep up with me yet. If I am not mistaken, isn't it like a station wagon. Might as well have bought an SUV or Mini Van. Great website! Just for the record, I have had quite a few Fords in the past and presently own a small stable now. Blue Oval for ever.

Big Ford Fan said...

To anyone who may bump into my blog, the two commentors so far are both my brothers and it is just a freindly exchange.

Bob, the one with the Magnum is a Ford fan, but Myself and my older brother are Ford Fanatics. Tom has 2 Mustangs and F-250