Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2.3 Turbo 4

But a Turbo 2.3 from a T-Bird is an easy bolt in too. The 2.3 was available from 74 forward and according to the websites I've seen ( linked in previous posts) it's a bolt in swap.
This one is from a T-Bird Turbo Coupe, but the Turbo 2.3 L first was available in the 79 Mustang and up to 84 in various Mustang models. Also Turbo 2.3l powered was the SVO Mustang and the Merkur XR4Ti. So donor cars should be available and there is an aftermarket out there for parts. This seems like a natural swap, seing 175-200 hp stock depending on source of motor and potential for over 250 hp. Now imagine a Pinto with tha much power and the balance handling and great gas milage. I loved my Pinto, maybe if I had done this, I would still have my Pinto today.

Anyone have a nice 73-80 Pinto wagon for sale ?

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