Wednesday, April 06, 2005


OK, now I know that his subject has been beaten to death, but I'm going to have my say anyway. A lot of Automotive Journalists complained when the new Mustang GT came out and there was no Independnet Rear Suspension. Ford calmly told them that to keep the Mustang affordable, the solid rear axle was going into the GT and promised them that the new SVT Cobra would have the IRS.

Well the SVT Shelby Mustang Cobra GT 500 doesn't have the IRS. But you know what, with 450 hp I could live with the solid rear. Maybe it will come out later, who knows. I hope these journalists will drive the car when it becomes available and have an open mind.

I know the last SVT Cobra had the IRS with 390 hp, but I believe the torque is an issue.
Either way, I can't afford a Shelby GT500 and when I can get my Mustang GT I won't shed any tears. I've waited for this mustang for my entire life. This is by far the best looking Mustang in 35 years and with enough refinement to be better than any of the origianls.

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