Wednesday, April 13, 2005

SHO site

89 Taurus SHO that belongs to site owner. This car ran in the One Lap of America.

I had a 93 SHO with the automatic transmission, in emerald green with the saddle interior. I bought it used as a winter beater, and it was a blast. Fast and luxurious, the SHO paved the way for cars like the Cadilac STS and CTS V-specs. For a four door sedan, they handled like they were on rails. One interesting vehicle that this spawned, was the SHOGUN, a Ford Festiva with the SHO Yamaha V-6 mounted where the backseat used to be. I've only seen one of those in my life. I had a Festiva, and it was fun, but couldn't imagine what a SHOGUN would be like.

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