Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Maverick, Falcon, Galaxie and Fairmont

Ford pulled all of these names from the US market, because they wanted to escape the image of low quality models from the 70's. But these names and others are still used overseas by Ford.

The Galaxy is a minivan available in Europe.

The Maverick is mini SUV like the escape.

Falcon and Fairmont are full size rear wheel drive models from Australia. They also used LTD for quite a while down under.

Why can't we get some of these names back? I like the Ford Maverick, it was a good car.
Did you know that the Maverick was available in South America as a station wagon? There aren't many left, but I had run into a web site devoted to one man's search. When I learn how to post pictures I will. If I can find the URL, I'll post that link too.

I know the Pinto is a name doomed by history, but it was an innovative car and I loved mine.

Again, no more E and F names. Be a little creative Ford, Please?

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