Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ford/Mazda and the new 6 platform

Autoweek had an article yesterday about the new Mazda Sportwagon, based off the 6 platform.
It looks nice enough and the article said it would fit between the Tribute/Escape and the MPV.
This will also be the new Lincoln Aviator.

Ford is heavily relying on the new 6 platform, the Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr and Lincoln Aviator.

Is Ford making Mazda the new Mercury?

Check out the photos at


Anonymous said...

Or is ford becoming a split between volvo & mazda.....the lone "new" platform is the mustang modified dw98 ( lincoln LS) and sole survivor focus gen 1 . Is ford going global??

Big Ford Fan said...

Ford is relying heavily on "partner platforms", that is true, but leave no doubt who wears the pants in the house, it's Ford.

And not to burst your bubble, but eh DW98 platform under the Mustang is a modified Lincoln LS platform, which is also used by Jaguar.

Mazda, Volvo and Jaguar are Ford's partners in design, because Ford owns them.

Ford has been "Global" for years.
Since the 30's Ford has had plants around the world and built cars for each market. And is "Global" a bad thing?

Ford rules!