Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ford in Mexico and around the globe

OK, here are two interesting models that Ford sells in Mexico, the Ecosport and Courier.

The Ecosport is a mini SUV, the website is in spanish, so I can't figure out the specs, but it looks like a nice little vehicle. Ford should bring this into our market as a competitor for the Scion XA and XB.

The Courier is also sold in Africa as the Bantam and if you go to the South African Ford site, you can get the specs there. This is a small Ranchero built off of Fiesta mechanicals. It's a little spartan, but Ford could pull some pieces from their global parts bin and market this against the Scion TB2 that may come to the US.

They also have a small 4 door sedan called the Ikon, wouldn't this be a natural to compete with the Aveo from Chevy?

Ford has some very interesting models available around the globe and should consider some for import to the US market.

I will repeat my earlier call for the European Ford Fusion mini MPV, rename it and bring it here. Hell this would be a natural for the Pinto name. And what about the Ford Ka? it's a small hatchback and converitble available in Europe and has unique styling. Ford should do a survey online, asking people what they think of some of these overseas models. The cars are out there and although not all of them would be accepted into the US market mix, some of them could be worth federalizing and importing. Ford could start a separate division like Merkur or Geo.

Ford has to do something to break out of the funk, the Fusion and these other rebadged Mazdas will not be enough.

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